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Online Sports Betting – Finding the Right Sportsbook Online

What Are Your Online Gambling Limits?

Let’s say you were young Elvis. You know you should look sexy, you know fatty foods are bad for you, but you’re filthy rich and pies are oh so cheap. So you stuff your face with chocolate and burritos until you can’t eat anymore and then pretty soon you’re no longer young Elvis. You’re fat Elvis. Or fat Kirstie Alley. You know what I’m getting at.

In any case, it’s important in gambling, and in life, to know your limits. Luckily, sportsbooks all have different betting limits proportionate to the size of the sportsbook. These are technically in place to protect the sportsbook from you, but they also inadvertently protect you from yourself.

When you visit a sportsbook, make sure to check the betting limits on each sport and find something comparable to your normal wager. For example, if you regularly make bets around three hundred, choosing a smaller sportsbook, perhaps with a five hundred dollar limit, might be the best route. In other words, it might be good to take a look in the mirror and decide whether you’re a young Elvis or a fat Elvis.

Types of Sports Betting

Would a gay man go to a gentlemen’s club? Would Kobe come to Shaq’s Hall of Fame induction? Would Karl Malone signup for a PETA convention? Of course not. You have to find things that cater to you and wager types are no different. After all, every sportsbook offers standard lines and parlays. It’s things like action points, in-game betting and monster teasers that differentiate one sportsbook from the other. Other things to consider would be quarter lines, halftime betting limits and everyone’s favorite, exotic props, such as the odds of Shawn Kemp fathering more illegitimate children.

Getting Your Money Out of a Sportsbook

Of course, the most important aspect of any sportsbook is depositing and withdrawing money. As far as deposits go, there are two types of sportsbooks. Ones that take credit cards and ones that make it extremely difficult to take credit cards. Most others offer third party cash options, such as NETeller, Firepay and 8 x 10 glossies of Patrick Ewing.

Sportsbook Money Withdrawals

Withdrawals are another thing altogether. Let’s say you’ve just hit a big parlay and you need a quick payout because you desperately want the platinum, three-disc commemorative DVD of Walker, Texas Ranger. But after a slow payout, you end up being the only one on your block who doesn’t know how Chuck Norris single-handedly prevented Armageddon. The lesson? Find out how quickly payouts come. Does the sportsbook use bank wires or ACH? What are the fees for overnight checks and third parties? Are people on message boards complaining about the service? Research is the key. Unless you’re Chuck Norris. Why research when you can jump out of a two story building into a moving vehicle? This actually happened. Really.

Diversify Your Sportsbook Betting

Finally, don’t feel as if you need to stick with just one sportsbook. Because every sportsbook is different, there may be aspects of each which you find work for you. Some bettors have as many as five accounts with various books in order to meet all their wager types or as a tool for getting past betting limits. Lines are also specific to each sportsbook and although they usually stay close to each other, you may benefit from even the slightest variation of odds. Furthermore, on the internet, there’s no loyalty factor in sticking with one sportsbook.

By William Lewis
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