Norv Turner Returns to Scene of His Biggest Success

When Troy Aikman was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame the honor of presenting him was given to Norv Turner, the coach who turned him into a different quarterback.

Turner was the Dallas offensive coordinator in the 90’s, and his influence can still be found in the Cowboy’s offense, as their offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett, is a Turner “disciple,” dating back to his days as a Cowboy QB backup. Besides Aikman’s being turned into a star QB by Norv, his offensive genius helped Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin lead the league in rushing and receiving.

If you talk to many Cowboy fans they will tell you that Norv should have been chosen to be the Dallas coach, rather than Wade Phillips, such is the esteem that Turner earned during his tenure.

Now head coach of the red hot San Diego Chargers, who are coming to Dallas to play the Cowboys this Sunday, Turner will bring back many wonderful memories for Texans. It is the league’s featured game this Sunday, with Dallas a narrow 3 point favorite in a match that will see a lot of betting action.