What happened to NFL parity?

The NFL draft’s purpose is to keep the league balanced. Every year the planned scenario was that the yearly college draft would enable the worst teams to pick up the cream of the crop of the entering college players. So why does the league have so many very, very bad teams…St. Louis, Detroit, Kansas City and Oakland to name only a few…and they have been bad for a few years now, with not much upside in sight,and they have been getting high draft choices for these last years.

Just a few years ago the St. Louis Rams were an exciting team, led by Kurt Warner, making it twice to the Super Bowl. So how could they be a 13 point underdog to New Orleans this Sunday? Do the Saints management know something that the Rams management does not?

Look at the skill players. The Saint’s squad has Drew Brees at QB, Pierre Thomas, Reggie Bush and Mike Bell at RB, Marques Colston and a coterie of flashy receivers at WR,…and they are basically going up against Steven Jackson and a bunch of scrubs.

Marc Bulger’s ace QB skills eroded a few years ago with time and injury. Not to have found an adequate replacement with their high draft picks is basically incompetence on the part of the Ram management. Examples can be found with the other bottom feeders in the league, and it is a shame for the fans of those teams.