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2017 New York Jets Preview – Top Priority, and Problem, is QB

2017 New York Jets – Problems are Plentiful for Beleagured Jets

football8 300x200 - 2017 New York Jets Preview - Top Priority, and Problem, is QBWhat are the 2017 New York Jets going to do? They have jettisoned so much personnel that the press in the Big Apple has already written them off as an even semi-serious team for 2017. Some have speculated, with a straight face, that they could go 1-15. VietBet customers can sense that this would probably be the end for head coach Todd Bowles, who is an innocent victim in a sense, in that he is not responsible for any of the roster moves they have made.

As we head into the training camp, Bowles might be handicapped by yet another decision that could be made from on high. Since it doesn’t appear the Jets are going anywhere, it is entirely reasonable that they use this season to find out where they stand at the quarterback position. It’s no secret that the guy they have the best chance to win with is Josh McCown, but the question is, “what does that mean – best chance to win?” Does it mean the best chance to have a winning record? Make the playoffs? Win six games? What is the goal of this Jets team? When you are not a playoff contender now but could be in the future, it might be time to LOOK into the future.

McCown is only going to get them to a certain point. They can settle for mediocrity, but ideally, he is a seat-warmer for what is coming next. And that is the puzzle the Jets have to solve.

2017 New York Jets – Over/Under Total Wins:

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Over 4½ +158
Under 4½ -180

Over 4 +103
Under 4 -123

Over 3½ -148
Under 3½ +128

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vb 728x90 - 2017 New York Jets Preview - Top Priority, and Problem, is QB

2017 New York Jets – QB Controversy or Trial by Fire:

McCown is a career backup who, like Ryan Fitzpatrick, has been fortunate enough to have been in some situations where injuries, and impoverished circumstances overall, have allowed him to start. Bryce Petty is a backup, and it is likely that he will remain a backup-type for the rest of his career. He is not the answer.

But perhaps Christian Hackenberg is.

Hackenberg has something of an advantage in that, unlike McCown or Petty, there is a great “unknown” quality about him. Then again, that doesn’t come by way of accident.

The second-round draft pick out of Penn State, who was considered a possible #1 overall selection back when he completed a fantastic freshman season in Happy Valley, did not hit the field at all in his rookie season. And even when it appeared the Jets were desperate for somebody to fill the quarterback role, he did not get the call, because Bowles and the rest of the coaching staff felt he wasn’t ready to take snaps in a live situation. That wasn’t exactly a good sign, and it had to be discouraging for management.

This season, that just isn’t going to do. The likelihood (indeed, the probability, if you listen to the New York writers) is that the Jets are going to be selecting in the top three or four picks in the draft, and they are going to need to know whether they have a realistic long-term answer under center. We would expect that McCown will start the season, and if things go as expected, Hackenberg could get the nod about midway through.

Then there will invariably be growing pains. He’s got a new offense to learn, and he didn’t excel in pre-season games last year, completing just 36%. So he’ll have to put up better numbers. This might bode well for the Jets in pre-season betting, as they would look to put a lot of support around him to at least give him his best shot. But as for the regular season, it’s going to be a tough one.

So laying the -123 at VietBet on the “under” may be a wise idea. Well, just ask the writers.

By Charles Jay

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